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New Year Reset

A reset is the best way to start the New Year. This is something I like to do within the first week of the New Year and is an up-scaled version of a Sunday Reset (blog post coming soon...).

These can be done in any order, in one day or over a few, just set aside a few hours and get ready to start the new year in the best way! This is just the order I prefer...


Begin your year in the right way with doing at least 45 minutes of exercise. This can be a walk, yoga, going to the gym, skipping, even a dance party in your kitchen.


My favourite way to do this is to put this in my hair in the morning and leave it soaking for a few hours - maybe even all day. My preference is using coconut oil, melting it in my hands and then applying it to my hair. When it comes to washing it out, I rinse it through twice, and then wash my hair as normal.


Wardrobe. Bedroom. That one cupboard where everything and anything gets thrown. Just declutter. This is also beneficial if you're feeling stressed or anxious, tidy space = tidy mind.


This is best done after the declutter, but having a deep clean to start the year off means you can quite literally start the year with a clean slate. It's also just a good way to start as you mean to go on and stay on top of everything.


This comes in different stages.

Stage 1 - Plan what you'd like your year to look like in terms of goals, finances, personal, work, fitness etc.

Stage 2 - This is for the financial aspect. Whip out the excel spreadsheet and begin you budget. Plan for when you know you need to save and work around that.

Stage 3 - Get your diary/planner and plan. Plan out all the events you have currently and begin to fit in different things you want to do.


... or bath, whatever your preference is. It's time to pamper.

If you've never heard of the hot girl shower (or bath) before, it's basically the whole works. I'm talking the fancy products. I'm talking leave in conditioner. I'm talking exfoliation and body oils. This is when we do the full body hair removal that let's face it happens twice a year when we can be bothered. Now is one of those times. Rinse out the hair oil mask after it's been soaking for a while. Don't forget to moisturise after the shower and apply all the good haircare products. While you're at it, do a mani-pedi. Go into 2022 with the sleekest version of you.


Open Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, whatever your music platform of choice is and start the new playlist. Try to go through your old ones from this year and mix it up a bit, go on the discover page or the 'you might like' which let's face it, we all ignore most of the time, and discover something new.


This can be done in a number of different ways, taking cutouts from magazines, mind-mapping, or making a collage online. You're going to make a place where you can visualise what you want your 2022 - or just your general future - to look like.


Firstly go through your devices and delete any unused apps/documents/photos - be brutal. Then move to social media, remove anybody and everybody who doesn't give you positive vibes, there's even a feature on instagram where you can remove followers so if you don't want your ex to see what your up to, just remove them! Finally, switch off your phone for a day. Enjoy one of the first few days in the New Year completely unplugged.


This is pretty self explanatory. The best way to stick to your resolutions is to be realistic and break up your resolution into chunks. Want to go to the gym more? If you've never been regularly before start going 2-3x a week for a few weeks, then slowly build it into your routine until you're going as many times as you desire. Have an overarching resolution but set yourself mini goals to achieve throughout the year to build up to the general resolution.

Have a great 2022!

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