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Hi everyone,

This post has been written over the last first half term of sixth form to give you an update on how I've been week by week, so let's go.


Week 1:

I was actually only in for two days on the first week as I always have Friday's off at my college and it was staggered start days because of Covid. The first day we didn't really do much apart from have a one off briefing and introductions to our courses etc. However, on the Thursday I had English Literature, History and Maths. I enjoyed English and Maths, however I wasn't enjoying History as much as I thought I would, but we'll see how it goes.


Week 2:

This is my first full week, and my first "B" week as we're on a two week timetable. I've decided to switch from History to English Language because I just wasn't enjoying it as much as I thought I would, and when I was picking my courses I was between History and English Language anyways. Apart from that it is going ok and I've just started to get homework but I'm finding managing my time easy as we haven't covered enough content yet to be getting multiple essays a week etc, this also made it easier for me to catch up on the English Language work I missed as I had plenty of time to do it all. Music has also been extremely fun and I can't wait to start doing ensemble work and preparing for my recital.


Week 3:

This week is my first full "A" week, and I noticed a definite increase in work and difficulty (especially in maths)! I've found that maths is the subject that takes up most of my time - and my dad's who sits with my at the dining room table while I become a blob of confusion at the dining room table. After a week in English Language I've realised it was definitely the right decision to swap as I'm enjoying it a lot more! Who knew transcribing using the phonemic alphabet was so interesting?


Week 4:

So maths is definitely my hardest subject. I had to have a day off because I was ill, and so when doing my catchup work, maths was definitely the hardest to do at home. Apart from that, I'm now used to having a two week timetable, and I actually prefer it to having the same timetable every week. I also have got my results back from a couple of English Language answers and I've been getting A's! I am so happy with this because I have been working really hard, and it's starting to pay off. I also have my first English Lit essay to write, ready for next week.


Week 5:

This week I have been catching up on coursework for music and rehearsing for my mock recital in November. I am really excited for this because I've been practicing as much as I can for this recital, and I have been planning the running order this week. Along with this, I have also been revising for my two maths tests I've got next week.


Week 6:

So I started this week with getting my first English Lit essay back which was an A! I was shocked because I'd convinced myself it wasn't good. However, my maths tests were solid. I felt so disheartened with them because I had been trying so hard, but everyone else felt the same so that reassured me.


Week 7:

I got my maths results back this week, and I did alright. They don't give grades to these because they're just end of chapter tests. I definitely need to spend more time on these topics, but I did better than expected. Also this week, I sent in the first draft of my music coursework and videos, which I am really happy with.


Overall, I've really enjoyed my first half term on sixth form. Yes it has been hard, but the workload is definitely manageable if you can organsie your time. For example, after every maths lesson you will (nearly) always have questions to finish off which can take between fifteen minutes to an hour depending on the topic and the amount of questions you have left to do before the next lesson. As long as you know you're deadlines and when you can fit in doing work around your daily schedule, it becomes a lot easier to get everything done in time.

Have a great day,



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