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Christmas Gift Guide (£20 and Under)

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

With Christmas shopping right around the corner, and looking like it'll be online for the most part this year, I'm compiling gift guides of all the best presents to buy for your mum, friend, girlfriend, or anyone you think will appreciate it!

I'm going to include loads of different categories that will hopefully help you choose what gift to get, and if you can buy that particular item from multiple shops, I'll include as many links for different stores as possible.


(DISCLAIMER: Any links with an asterisk (*) next to it means I have used an affiliate link. All this means is that if you use my link to the website and purchase that item I will earn a small commission from your purchase. This does not affect the price of the item for you or your experience on the website)



Now generally, when it comes to presents I never buy clothes for people unless they have already told me exactly what they want because everyone's style differs so greatly. The only clothes which I think you can buy people for Christmas/Birthdays no matter their style are loungewear, gym wear and pyjamas (there is a category for this below!).

That being said, a gift card for one of their favourite shops is always greatly appreciated, here are three gift cards that I think the majority of people will appreciate:



Pyjamas are always a good shout because who doesn't want a new pair of cute PJ's?

*1 (£12.50)

*2 (£18)

*3 (Currently on sale for £18)

*4 (£19)

*5 (£20)


Gym wear/Loungewear:

This is the only type of clothing I think is easy to buy for other people no matter what their style is! Here is some inspiration for what to get...





*5(Now on sale for £19)







*12(Now on sale for £16.50)

*13(Now on sale for £4)




Beauty and Hair:

If your friend/mum/girlfriend loves beauty, here are a few sets they may be interested in, and if they're Friends fan check out pick number 16!

1 (£19)

*2 (£15)

3 (£16)

4 (£16)

*5 (£12)

6 (£15)

7 (£17.99)

*8 (£18)

*9 (£14)

*10 (On sale for £15.60 on Look Fantastic)

10 (£19.50 from Boots)

*11 (£5)

*12 (£10.80 from Look Fantastic)

*13 (£18)

*14 (£15.99)

15 (£20)

16 (£15)



Bath, skincare and wellness should be a priority in everyone's life! Here are some gifts that they can enjoy on their pamper evenings...

1 (£6)

*2 (£20)

3 (£6)

4 (£20)

5 (£15)

6 (£10)

7 (20)

*8 (£20 on Look Fantastic)

8 (£20 on Boots)

9 (£14)

*10 (£15)

*11 (£20 on Look Fantastic)

11 (£20 on Boots)

*12 (£4.99)

13 (£6)



Who doesn't love having a fresh set of nails! Check out these which are perfect for the festive season.






Candles and reed diffusers are a staple present, however can be quite hit or miss depending on everyone's personal taste. So if you're unsure on the type of scents they like, why note try a set like these two?

1 (£12.99)

2 (£10)



Jewellery picks will differ from person to person, so why not gift them a gift card, or have a look at the few I have picked which will suit the majority of people's taste. I have also found different charms with "mum" and a paw print, so if you're unsure why not search for one with sister or girlfriend (or whatever relation you are to the person). Or, if they have a pet why note opt for the paw print, or see if there are any charms for the specific pet they own.

*1 (£any)

3 (£12 - also in yellow gold and rose gold)

12 (£20)



If you are giving a gift to someone who loves to read or loves their stationary, why not see if any of these would be the perfect gift!

*1 (WHSmiths - £4.99)

*1 (Waterstones - £7.99)

*4 (WHSmiths - £7.37)



Living a completely sustainable lifestyle can be quite difficult to maintain and not cost friendly. So if you know someone who is trying to be more sustainable, have a look at the picks below...

1 (£2.99)

2 (£4.29)

3 (£9.99)

4 (£20 for Stainless Steel, Refill, Summer Solids, Neon, Blush, Mono, Pastel, and Matte)



The gift ideas in this category are ones that don't have a specific category, or there weren't enough to give them their own. From games to fitness accessories, the perfect gift may be here.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if this helped you, or what other gift recommendations you have.

Have a great day,


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