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New Year, New Me

Hey everyone, so it’s that time again where everyone’s writing out there New Year’s Resolutions that we’ll only probably stick to until the middle of Feb, right? I did a post like this last year where I talked about what had happened in the past year, what I was excited for in the new year and my resolutions (which can I just say, I stuck to the majority of them, go me!) So I thought I’d do something similar but look  back on the resolutions I completed from last year and what I need to work on.

But first, what a year?

For me 2017 was quite a good year, yes I had things that didn’t go as I’d’ve liked and yes I definitely had my down days but for the majority of the year it was great. I went to London, The Harry Potter Studios, Bolsover Castle, York, Scarborough. I also welcomed into the world, my new baby cousin who is soooo cute, there is so much more amazing things that happened for me personally in 2017, but if I were to list them we’d be here for ages.

However, for the world, 2017 was an absolute nightmare all of the natural disaster’s, terror attacks and politics.

Anyways, let’s see at how badly I did at completing my resolutions shall we *mentally prepares oneself*

My first resloutions for last we was to blog more, now I’m not going to say I was amazing because I published all of 8 posts last year, which wasn’t terrible in comparison to 2016 but wow! That one definitely could be better but definitely worse.

Moving on, the second was was to save up for an iMac, whoch I can say I was successful at as I am writing this on my iMac, so go me!

The third one was not caring what other people think of me. This is a hard one to evaluate because I have become so much better at not giving a damn about what other people think, but there are some things that I will be really self – conscious about what they’re going to say, but I’m about 60% there!

The next one was a massive goal for me and I can say that personally, I feel like I accomplished, I stopped eating loads of crap and I do think that I am healthier so that one gave me great satisfaction to tick off!

The fifth one was to upload more vlogs and content and vlogs I am happy with. Again, I did this and I’m very happy with how my YouTube content is going and as for the vlogs, I don’t think I did that bad. I uploaded quite a bit in the summer and did Vlogmas, but with a twist. I can also say that that went very well.

The next one was more optimistic than the others. Let’s just say I am getting there.

The penultimate one was to work on my mental health and anxiety. I am doing really well with this, but I know it’s going to take more time than I imagined which is fine. I had a pretty alright year with my mental health however I did have a few blips in the middle and a really bad anxiety attack in mid November and then the start of December, but overall I did really well with dealing with it.

Finally, my last goal was to be happier and I can honestly say I am. Obviously everyone has their down days, but with 2017 being such a good year for me it has impacted me massively and I cannot thank my family and friends enough for being there with me.

My goals for this year are simply just to improve on what I’ve already got, keep being healthy and exercising, keep blogging, keep being happy. That’s it.

Here’s to 2018, have a great year.




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