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I’m Back!

Hi all,

It’s been quite a while since I have written and to be honest I don’t have an exact reason why. I think the stress of sitting a GCSE early, my social life suddenly starting to boom as I moved friendship groups and I am now in a relationship (eeeeeek!), and I think when my life got busier, blogging and YouTube sort of got pushed to the bottom of my list, and I have missed it so I’m back!!

I don’t know if I’m going o give myself a schedule as such for blogging and YouTube, as I’m not sure what exactly I want to talk about anymore, so I’m going to brainstorm some ideas and write when I feel ready. I also don’t know how frequent I will use my SaloNevella channel anymore because like blogging, I want to film videos on topics that really interest me, so I doubt there will be a consistent routine as yet. However, I am currently working on something very exciting for my music channel, so be expecting a lot more content on that one in the coming weeks!

Speak to you soon,



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