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The Best Summer Ever! America 2019

So this summer my family and I spent three weeks in the U.S.A!! And needless to say it was the BEST! SUMMER! EVER! So I thought I’d do a few blog posts over the next couple of weeks explaining what we did, the do’s and don’t’s and share some of the most amazing pictures that have ever lived on my phone.


The Overview:

Week 1 – Fly out to New York and spend the week in New York City

Week 2 – At the end of week 1, we took an Amtrak train down the east coast of America and into Orlando and started in Universal Studio’s (4 days), and then moved to Disney World (3 days).

Week 3 – At the beginning of week 3, we spent a day at Discovery Cover (1 day), and then the rest of the week we stayed in Disney World (6 days).

holiday thumbnail

I can’t wait to share the rest of this amazing holiday with you.

Speak to you soon,



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