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College/Sixth Form Morning Routine! September 2020

As many of you know, this academic year I am going into Year 12. I am extremely excited start college and my courses (Maths, History, English Literature and BTEC Music Level 3). With starting a complete new chapter in my life and academic journey I wanted to re-jig my morning routine a little bit. I've been trialling it for the last week or so ready for me to go back this Wednesday, so I know that I can fit in what I want to and be on time.

Before I get into it, I also wanted to say that pre-COVID my school started at 8:30 am, but now we have staggered starts so, as my Mum does work at school I will be going up with her and staying in the car between her going into work and me starting. This is great because I get a lift (woohoo) and I'm going to tell you below what I am going to use that time for!



Alarm number 1 goes off. This is when I will begin to wake up, I will let the dog into my room for a morning fuss and start waking up more and getting up.


This second alarm is a "get up right now" kind of alarm. This is when I need to get dressed if I haven't already and start with my day.


Workout time! Yes, you heard me right, a workout before school! Throughout secondary I would always workout after school, but I found I was always so tired and I found it difficult to fit in studying, socialising, me time, spending time with my family and working out too. So, I've decided that it would be easier to just workout in the morning. So far it is proving to be successful and a great wake up call haha!


Time for a quick shower to get rid of all the sweat. I don't wash my hair everyday, because that's not good for my hair and if I did it would get oily so quick. Instead, if my hair is a bit sweaty I blow dry the roots to evaporate the sweat. This also takes away any odour the sweat would've left. Obviously if my hair does need washing then I will, but I try to avoid washing it on a morning as much as possible because it does take a while to dry.


Skincare and makeup time! I already have a blog post detailing my current skincare routine which you can read here. For makeup, I am going to be writing a post soon on my school makeup routine, but it's nothing too heavy as it's only school, but I do like to put a little bit on to make myself look a bit more presentable. There will be the odd day where I can't be bothered with makeup, but for the most part I will put some on.


I am very fortunate that my Dad makes my breakfast for me on a morning, so around 7ish he usually shouts me down to come and eat. This also gives me more time to fuss the dog afterwards.


After eating, playing with the dog for a few minutes and talking with my dad, I will come back upstairs to get dressed, do my hair and finish off any last minute bits that I need to - e.g. make my bed, finish any makeup that I didn't do etc. If I needed to wash my hair that morning, it would've had half an hour air drying and so I would finish it off for about 15 minutes with the hair dryer. My hair is naturally straight if I needed to dry it, I wouldn't have to do anything else with it.


At this time I come back downstairs, pack my lunch and water, get my shoes on and then I'll play with the dog until we're ready to leave. I will have sorted my bag the night before and put in any books I need etc.


Between this time is usually when we'll start putting bags and any other stuff in the car, and get the dog ready for us to leave. Then we'll set off.


Once we're at school, my Mum will go to work and me and my sister will wait in the car until our designated times to go in. During this time I will either be doing some flashcards on Quizlet, or reading any of my texts that I have been set for English. Basically I will fill this time with anything productive for school.

And that's it! Then I will go into school and start my day.


I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you're going back to school and what your morning routine looks like!

Have a great day,



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