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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Any of you that know me will know that I love H&M! Up until the last few years H&M was a shop which I knew of and passed whenever I was out, but I never really ventured into until my mum wanted to go in, and since then I've been obsessed with their clothing.

I am starting Year 12 in a couple of weeks and wanted to buy a few things for sixth form and also have a browse to see if there was anything else that I wanted to get, and let me tell you, if I could have bought the entire shop I would have! But alas, I don't have endless amounts of money so I limited myself and bought 4 items which I knew if I had left without them, I would have wished I had bought them.


So without further ado, the first piece of clothing I bought was this *Cropped Cardigan in Beige. (£14.99)

This beige shade which I purchased is currently out of stock on the website, but they do also sell this exact cardigan in white and black as well!

The cut of this cardigan is extremely flattering and should be an Autumn/Winter staple in everyone's wardrobe. Definitely a versatile piece as it is extremely easy to dress both up and down. For example, I am picturing some dark blue jeans, ankle boots, and plain fitted T-shirt paired with cardigan and simple jewellery as a day to day outfit. Or, paired with a fitted dress and some heels on a colder evening.

I had actually spotted this a few weeks ago while we were out and didn't buy it then and I regretted it, so when the opportunity presented itself to purchase it, it was the first piece I picked up!


The second piece I bought was this *Puff-Sleeved Long Sleeve Top in Black. (£12.99 but now on sale for £6!)

The length of this top is longer than a crop top, but not quite the length of a normal T-shirt but has a very flattering fit. The puff-sleeves aren't too out there so are perfect if you are wanting to try this trend for the first time but don't want to brave the bigger puff sleeve pieces just yet. There is also a subtle sheen on the fabric which is also slightly textured and adds another layer to the seemingly plain black top. Pair with a skirt or some jeans you're good to go!


The penultimate item I chose was still following the puff-sleeve trend and was this *Light Pink Puff Sleeved Top. (£9.99)

(The exact pink I bought was a baby pink shade, however I can't find that shade online so I have linked and used photos of the darker pink one which was also available in store!)

This is the shade that I bought:

And here are the pictures of the top in the darker pink:

The actual body of the top is a soft jersey and the quality feels sensational. The sleeves are elasticated and have a crepe paper feel to them but the material is sturdy and very comfortable to wear. The sleeves are larger than the previous top but still not too large to the point where I'd feel I was walking around with armbands on.

I do feel like this top is slightly more dressy than the previous one and is something you'd more likely wear to a meal out/date/family event etc, however depending on what you style it with and what your day to day life consists of you could probably wear this in a more casual setting.


Finally, we are moving away from tops and puff sleeves, but the last item I bought was this *Suede A-line Skirt in Dark Brown. (£14.99)

(Again, struggling to find the exact colour I bought, but when I typed in the code from the tag this was the skirt that appeared so I have linked the other suede one and will include a sample colour of the one I bought or a similar one from another store, and pictures from the suede one I have linked.)

I found this one which looks identical only it has pockets from *Debenhams for £15 (half price from £30):

Here are the photos of the other suede colour from H&M:

In terms of quality, the skirt feels really good and the shape is extremely flattering. However, I am usually a size 10 in most shops (sometimes a 12 depending on the style etc) and this was a piece which I did size up to a 12 in. When I picked it up I could tell straight away that the 10 wasn't going to fit so did have to size up which isn't a problem but if I was ordering online I would probably have had to send it back and re-order in a different size so just be weary if you are ordering online.

The high waist fit of this skirt is again very flattering and the buttons add simple, yet lovely detail to the skirt. Styling wise, this is a very versatile piece as again you can wear this in day to day life - I am planning on wearing mine to college with a fitted plain top and some ankle boots - or dress it up for going out for a meal or a date etc.


(DISCLAIMER: Any links with an asterisk (*) next to it means I have used an affiliate link. All this means is that if you use my link to the website and purchase that item I will earn a small commission from your purchase. This does not affect the price of the item for you or your experience on the website)


Have a good day,



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